DIY Indoor Herb Gardens


Today we are going to talk and think about kitchen herbs. And we are going to take a peek at a few more than clever ideas of how to display them in your home. From hanging them from the ceiling, to hanging them on the wall and even a illusion of a floating planter. We’ve discovered some amazing ideas and we are very excited to share them with you.

First, we have to say that these projects are by no means restricted to kitchen herbs. You can also use them for different house plants that would require more or less the same environment. So, basically, these would have to be relatively small, in order to fit in the same pots. And they would have to have the same kind of regime as kitchen herbs. If these are what your plants need, then you should have no problem adapting them to these creative displays.

Second, we would like to encourage you to explore all of these projects. Because most of them require very few materials, besides the normal things that you would use for replanting. They also have step by step instructions. So, in case any of them catches your eyes and heart, you can go ahead and do them in just a few minutes to a couple of hours, max. All of the instructions and original pages are linked under each project. And we sincerely hope you enjoy this article and these great ideas.


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