9 Narrow Hallway Design Ideas for your Small Apartment

When it comes to decorating an apartment, the biggest problem that many of us face is the lack of space. Because, let’s be honest, unless you have a giant penthouse, and money to keep one, all you can really afford as an apartment is something of normal size. And even this becomes at one point overcrowded. Be it from a growing family or simply because over the years you buy more and more stuff. And end up throwing out much less than you buy. So there are basically two solutions for this. One, you could change your lifestyle to a minimalist one. Which is the solution more and more people choose nowadays.

But the second one would simply be changing yourself just a bit. By becoming a more organized person, and therefore knowing exactly what stuff you need and what you can throw out. And, as a consequence, your home becoming less cluttered and a more practical, but still good looking space. So this is what we propose for you today through our suggestions of how you can decorate your home.

And we start with the overwhelming narrow hallway, found in many modern time apartments. A space which I bet not many of you would know how to decorate in order to make it a practical and beautiful space at the same time. So here is where we come in and give you just a few ideas of how to decorate this part of your home. And we hope that with our help you will end up with a better and brighter entrance to your home.


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