5 DIY Doghouse Projects for the Special Pet in Your Life!

I think that it’s safe to assume that all of our readers are animal lovers, in one way or another. And it doesn’t matter if you like cats, dogs, fish, lizards, or any other type of pet. Just the fact that you love and take care of another being, (all this besides your friends and family) is enough to receive our respect. But today we have a little something special prepared for all you dog lovers and owners out there. We have several not only beautiful but also smart doghouse designs for your favorite pet.

Here’s just a few doghouse plans that you can do right now:

Your dog deserve only the best. And we are not talking just about the food, water and toys that you buy for them. We want you to take it a step further and go the extra mile for them. Because we are sure that, in case of any danger, they would go the extra mile for you. So, why not build them a wonderful and comfortable place of their own? And the best part is that most of these doghouses, if not all, can fir very well both outside or inside your home. So just pick the design that best fits your furry little friend and make them a happy place to call their own.


Photo and project via whitneysworkshop


Photo and project via instructables


Photo and project via sunset


Photo and project via homemademodern


Photo and project via lowes



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