How to Spend Time with Your Kids if You Have to Stay Home Because of the New Coronavirus

School’s out! And not because we wanted but because of the new coronavirus.  It’s better to stay home and keep safe. Social distancing is the best thing right now. It’s time to enjoy the free time you have at your disposal and do the things you like, but for which you have not had time so far. It is important not to forget the rules of hygiene: wash your hands often and do not touch your face  (eyes, nose, mouth) if your hands are not disinfected.

It is normal to have many questions about how this situation affects you and how the coronavirus works. As a kid, teenager you can talk to an adult about what worries you and openly say what worries you. No question is “too childish” if it worries you very much or if it is about your health. Continue to wash your hands very well, do not touch your face with dirty hands or after you have touched things that others have touched, listen to the doctor’s advice and you will be safe.

Here are some things you can do to make your time at home as enjoyable as possible:

There are many fun games that you can play alone or with your family. Don’t spend too much time on TV, computer or mobile.

Listen to music and read. Consider spending time at home on an unplanned vacation that you can enjoy.

Do your homework and keep in touch with your teachers or classmates. It will be easier for you to recover your lessons when you return to school.

Eat healthy and as varied as possible. Fruits and vegetables have many vitamins that keep you in shape and make you stronger against disease.

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