5 Breathtaking Pictures that Are Sure to Convince You to Visit Romania

I will now and always state that Romania is a beautiful country. It may not be the most modern, up to date or evolved out of all the nations but it has its charm, and this is what makes Romania excellent.
In this article, we have selected a few pictures, taken by Romanian artists, which depict pieces of the Romanian charm. These are sure to convince you that Romania is not only a beautiful country but also has brilliant artists that have a very high skill level in capturing the perfect photo at the perfect moment.

Moieciu de Sus, Romania by Catalin Serban



Suceava, Romania by Rula Sibai


Casva, Romania by Marius Sebastian


Bucuresti, Romania by Alex Blajan

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 11.04.53

Bucharest, Romania by Rula Sibai

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