Embroided Petri Dishes by Elin Thomas

Today we have another weird but wonderful project from the mind of a talented artist by the name of Elin Thomas. It may not be to everyone’s tastes due to its peculiarities and interesting combinations of elements from subjects that we might not have thought of combining. But for us, we admire the uniqueness, the […]


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Themed cakes that look too good to eat!

Today we bring you an article that is as informative as it is delicious. Even though it may be hard to believe when you get to look at these photos. Because we are featuring some of the most beautiful and incredible looking cakes that you will ever get to see. And all of this comes […]


You won’t believe what is wrong with this delicious looking food

When it comes to visual illusions, those involving food are my favorite. First of all, because they can be the tastiest illusions of them all. And second, because when they are really good, they will blow your mind. But this can go both ways.   Visual illusions or delicious ingredients? Today’s illusions come from talented artist SEIJI […]



“Pictures from my phone” by Johan Thörnqvist

Today we want to share with you a lovely project from the creative mind and hands of Johan Thörnqvist. What is so special about his work? Mainly the use ordinary photos or plain photos. In other words, photos that most of us would take, not like, and them immediately delete. These are the type of photos […]


10 mind bending movies you need to see today!

When it comes to movies, I might confess that I have a weird sort of taste. I like old movies, horror movies, mystery and crime movies, etc. But one of my absolute favorite categories stands in the form of mind bending movies. I don’t care if they are old or new. If they have a […]


Rejected Princesses – Real Stories About Women Who Made History

You may have notices that, lately, the internet is going crazy for the comics entitled simply as Rejected Princesses. So what’s that all about and what is so special about them? Let’s find out. First of all, we have to acknowledge that the internet has a real thing for comics. No matter what story they […]