Themed cakes that look too good to eat!

Today we bring you an article that is as informative as it is delicious. Even though it may be hard to believe when you get to look at these photos. Because we are featuring some of the most beautiful and incredible looking cakes that you will ever get to see. And all of this comes thanks to the wonderfully talented people of Ivenoven.

Ivenoven is a project that comes right from the love and traditions of a passionate family. From grandmother to mother and then to daughter, the love for baking has been passed on. And today we are blessed to be able to see it, appreciate it, and even taste it thanks to the wonderful world of the internet, without which we may not have had this chance. So, we are not talking about another simple and boring story. We can discover an entire history of a family, with inspiration and recipes passed on from generation to generation. And finally, enjoy a delicious and amazing result.

But, since the family store is a long way from us, in Jakarta, the taste of their products is not what made us write about them. It had a lot to do with their story and passion for baking. But, most of all, it was the way the decoration and presentation of their cakes. Which we honestly can consider a work of art. The diversity of their themes is just part of what impressed us. The level of detail and perfection of the result is what left us with our mouths open and made me immediately start writing about them. So, I won’t delay the surprise any longer and I will let you discover these gorgeous cakes through a few photos that we borrowed from their Instagram page: Ivenoven:







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