Floral Furniture to inspire your Home Decor

Since Spring has started to show its wings, we decided it was time to take some inspiration from it. But we also wanted to pay it a well-deserved tribute in the process. And, in my opinion, we have managed to do this pretty well. Not all by ourselves, of course. But with the help of some wonderfully talented people and inspirational brands.


Photo and Inspiration via shadesofblueinteriors


Project and photo via thehousethatlarsbuilt


So my idea was to find some of the best Floral Furniture examples that we could find out there. And, to my excitement, I ran into plenty of examples and they all fitted my criteria to the last detail. Unfortunately, I couldn’t have picked all of them at once to show them to you. Because then it would have been an endless and maybe boring article for you. So I decided to pick my top 9 favorite examples and combine them into an article filled with inspiration and ideas.


Product and Photo via Etsy


Photo and Product via urbanoutfitters


Project and Photo via hometalk


Inspiration and Photo via urbanoutfitters


And I got to pick from the best of them. You will find all sorts of inspiration among this crowd. From simple photos picked up from corners of the internet to DIYs taken from the most lovely and inspiring people and even Floral Furniture products which you can buy right from the link in the description. Take your love of spring and fill your furniture and home with it. Brighten up your rooms, color your boring spaces and liven up any corner that seemed like it was missing something.

Do all this and more with our inspiration of the day. And most of all, enjoy every moment!


Photo and Inspiration via petalandply


Product and Photo via bukowskis


Photo and Inspiration via homesfeed



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