12 Adorable Pictures with Cats and Children

If you ask me, pets are essential when having children. It’s a good way to prepare them for life, actually, step by step. Giving pets to your children means that you teach them subtly having something to care about, or even to love, to be responsible, to take care of the loved one, and a huge lesson in life that will come in the end – dealing with loss. But let’s not get too sad and emotional thinking of this, but bear in mind that it’s very useful to teach them how to cope, for a better understanding of life in their future.

But, putting all the seriousness aside, this article isn’t about this, obviously. It’s about showing all the people that it’s essential to see their children loving the animals – even if this is only about cats! Dogs will come soon, I promise! (says the cat lady…). So here they are, 12 stunning and adorable images showing the strong connection between children and cats.

Via “© Natasha Parfenova



Via “@ the little red house


Via “© Andrey Volobuev

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 11.51.40

Via “© Elena Shumilova


Via “@volobuev


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Via “Radikal


Via “Thezooom


Via “© Alina Mayboroda


Via “brainparking


Via “Catsparella


Via “laura

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