5 Unique Office Desks that Will Inspire Your Work and Office Design

We all know what offices can be dull and pale rooms, especially if you work in a large corporation. Most of the time this is one of the reasons for which office jobs are not so fulfilling. But we believe to have found a way to change this and give our readers with office jobs a few ideas on how to make their job environment more fun and exciting.
And you will be surprised to know that you can achieve this with one simple change in your office, and that is the desk. Desks are the primary and sometimes the only piece of furniture necessary and most used inside an office and that’s why there should be a particular attention paid to them. Well, in this article, we will do just that. We are going to show you a few different and gorgeous desks that will transform your work and make you want to go to work instead of wanting to leave to go home. Just check them out for yourselves and tell us which one inspires you the most!

For every Star Wars fan, this should be the perfect desk and source of inspiration that will get you motivated to get through the daily annoying paperwork.

Via “TomSpinaDesigns


Do you do your best work while sitting in bed? Well, with this “desk” you can have the same comfort both at home and at your workplace. 


Via “Coroflot

For old car enthusiasts, this next piece is for you! Made out of old car pieces and parts, these desks are the perfect work motivation, and they will also improve the decor of your office significantly, not to mention giving any visitor a topic of conversation. 



Via “Glamgrid

If you’re the kind of person that doesn’t like the fact of sitting at a desk all day without doing any physical activity, then here’s the solution. This office was built with the purpose of being used at the same time as the treadmill and therefore making you work out while you work. 

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 09.25.12

Via ” Trekdesk

Is your desk too messy no matter how much you try and tidy up? Then the next desk is the perfect solution. You can keep a clean and neat workspace while still having all those documents and files on hand at any time.


Via “Dornob

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