5 Zoo Born Baby Animals That You Can Visit Anytime

Baby animals are and will always be the thing to catch everyone’s eye and heart. I would be willing to bet any of you that you can not look at a picture of a baby animal and not be moved by their cuteness.
So we decided to give you a little more in this article, by presenting you with a few baby animals which you can actually visit. These are all baby animals that have been born inside Zoo’s in the past few years and which you can visit at any time.

Lili the Polar Bear was born December 11 2015 at Zoo am Meer Bremerhaven, Germany and can be visited by all of you, who I bet will become fans after seeing this picture:

Via “ZooBorns”


Aiya and Shigu are two-three months old Leopard sisters born this February 29th at Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo and already very comfortable being in the spotlights.


Via “ZooBorns”

The first Gentoo Penguin was born this very month on 5th of May at the RZSS Edinburgh Zoo, and 3 of its brothers were not that far behind to show themselves to the world.


Via “ZooBorns”

At the Prague Zoo, you can visit a male elephant that was born on the 5th of April and who is ready to receive fans from all countries and continents.


Via “ZooBorns”

Born of Masai descent, this baby giraffe was born on April 10th and can is at the Sacramento Zoo, where it lives with its entire family.


Via “ZooBorns”

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