Cloaks Ripped Out of a Fairy Tale and Brought into Real Life

How many times have you heard the phrase “Spread your wings and fly”? This is usually used when we want to encourage someone to use their abilities at their full potential or to do something new and exciting. But, of course, we have used it as a metaphoric phrase so far. And I say “so far” because from now on, spreading your wings can also be used with its literal meaning. How so, you may ask. Well, we have found the shop of a wonderful team of costume designers that specialize in fantasy items.
“El Costurero Real” is the name of this fantasy costume shop and it is the place where we have found the most amazing cloaks. Created with the purpose of resembling wings, these cloaks come in many different sizes and shapes, not to mention the gorgeous colors and designs. Just like in nature, they are all beautiful, unique and a pleasure to look at and wear.

All photo’s via: “El Costurero Real


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