7 Minimalist Christmas Trees you need to try this year!

If you’ve followed the latest trends when it comes to Christmas Trees, I think I can honestly say that a Christmas Miracle has happened. Because, lately, people have started thinking more and more about the environment and their surroundings.

And the cutting of the Christmas Trees has been one of largest debates on everyone’s mind. With the wonderful result of alternative Christmas Trees slowly but surely taking over. And here we don’t mean just artificial trees. Because that is what one usually considers as an alternative.

O Christmas Tree…

In today’s article, we are going to introduce to you some of the most beautiful Christmas Trees you will ever see. And they are all not your ordinary tree. They are made from some of the most simple and easy materials that you can get your hands on. And they will inspire you to think twice about the next time you want to purchase another tree.

And not only for the environment are they a good idea. These trees can be a lovely alternative for when you have an issue of space, money, or even time. Because there are minimalist and simple solutions that can turn out gorgeous. As you can see for yourselves from the following pictures:


Photo and project via vintagerevivals


Idea and photo via domino


Project and photo via apairandsparediy


Photo and project via theshiftcreative


Project and photo via danslelakehouse


Idea and project via domino


Idea and photo via jaymeesrp


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