Gold and Glitter your way into the New Year!

Since the New Year Celebration is just a few days ahead, we thought we should help you celebrate in style! And this year’s style is filled in Gold and Glitter. So let us show you how to incorporate this gorgeous style into your New Year’s Eve party. And let your party guide you and your guests on a gold and glitter paved road into the new year.

Gold and Glitter into the New Year!

However, beware! You can very easily exaggerate with this theme. The secret is simply to keep it in the details. And you will see how in the wonderful projects we have gathered for you today. These all focus on small and subtle aspects of the party. But they will really make a big difference when they are all set and done.

So pick your favorites and get the classy New Year’s Eve party started for you and your guests. And hurry up! There isn’t much time left and the clock is ticking!

And don’t forget to have a Happy New Year!

Photo and project via ohhappyday


Project and photo via danyabanya


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Project and photo via ideas.evite


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Project and photo via nobiggie


Photo and project via nobiggie


Project and photo via greenweddingshoes


Photo and project via apumpkinandaprincess



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