Have a Beach Themed House no matter where you live!

Even though Summer is over a month away, this warm weather makes me feel like it’s going to be here any moment. So we thought that we could give the season just a little nudge. While, at the same time, showing it that we are waiting for it to come with open arms. And what is better in Summer than a fun trip to the beach? Nothing, right?

So we’ve decided to share a few beach-themed DIYs in today’s article and make Summer accessible to everyone around the globe. No matter when Summer decided to come to your part of the world, we can make it arrive sooner if this is what you wish. And all of this with just a few ingredients and a few minutes to spare, which is what any of these projects require. The objects required are nothing more and nothing less than your typical beach debris such as driftwood, seashells, rope, etc.

But, in the end, the main objective is to bring a beach feeling inside your home. And I assure you that this will be achieved with any of the following projects. Make sure to try them all and let us know which is your favorite!


Photo and project via findinghomefarms


Project and photo via atthepicketfence


Photo and project via poindextr


Project and photo via creativeinchicago


Photo and project via marthastewart


Project and photo via therubbishrevival


Photo and project via arctida.blogspot


Project and photo via pagingfunmums


Photo and project via abeachcottage


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