4th of July Celebratory Cookies!

Since the 4th of July is approaching with rapid pace, we thought that we would give you a hand with the preparations. So, we have prepared a few delicious and informative articles for you. And we are sure that will all of them under your belt you will manage to have the best celebration yet! Because we have prepared everything that you would need. From delicious sweets, treats, and drinks to festive decoration ideas to stun your guests with.

But we are going to start light today, with some beautiful 4th of july celebratory cookies! We have gathered our favorite 6 recipes that will not only taste amazing but will also look gorgeous. From the shape of the American Flag to beautiful Stars. And, of course, all dressed in the patriotic red, white, and blue colors. So pick your favorite and make sure you respect the recipe to get it just right. But the best part is that you can all of these a day ahead. And in this way you won’t get too busy on the big day!


Photo and recipe via justataste


Photo and recipe via tunenfork


Photo and recipe via twosisterscrafting


Photo and recipe via ahelicoptermom


Photo and recipe via afarmgirlsdabbles


Photo and recipe via munchkinmunchies


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