Make Sure the Easter Bunny Visits your Home this Year with These Lovely DIY Bunny Crafts!

When it comes to the Easter Holiday, we like to think that it has not one but two major parts. Because, just like Christmas, Easter is a holiday for both adults and children alike. Thus, while the adults are focused on the eggs, and decorating, and dinner, the children are waiting for the Easter Bunny! So, isn’t it normal that we focus on what they like as well? We thought so too. And here we are with today’s article doing just that. We are going to show you a few DIY projects that you can do for or, why not, with your children while waiting for the Easter Bunny.

And we discovered a few just awesome projects for you to try out. These are not only very simple to make, but they also don’t require many materials. And almost all of them will focus on more than just your creativity. We have one that will test your arm knitting skills. Or maybe it will teach them to you. We have another that will make you discover if you have a knack for origami. But we also have some that are so simple that even the children themselves can do. And you can easily use these as a way for them to earn their Easter present, rather than just deserving it. If they are good and do a good job, it’s only normal that they receive a deserving present in exchange. So go ahead, pick your favorite and have a Happy Easter with the entire family!


Bunny Crossing Sign from fence pickets

Photo and project via confessionsofaserialdiyer


Sock Bunny Easter Craft for Kids

Photo and project via apumpkinandaprincess


Giant Arm Knit Bunny Patterns

Photo and project via flax-and-twine


Giant Origami Bunny Craft

Photo and project via ohhappyday


Spring Bunny Gumball Machine

Photo and project via averageinspired



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