5 DIY Easter Trees that Will Inspire and Delight You

I have to admit that until I started writing articles, I had no idea that Easter Trees existed. But when I did discover them, I was absolutely delighted. First of all because, of course, it reminded me of the Christmas Tree, a tradition which I love. And secondly, because the general design of an Easter tree is so simple and stunning that you have no choice but to love it. So I really wanted to write an article in which I introduce the Easter Trees to you. And here it is in all its glory and might!

And I am very glad to have gathered a few different types of trees. From basic and simple tree with diverse decorations. To a unique take on decorating a tree by using jelly beans. And even the most gorgeous Swedish Easter Tree, which I fell in love with. To be honest, after seeing these simple and amazing projects, I might start a whole new tradition in my home. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. And I hope you get inspired to have the most fun and colorful Easter yet!


How to make an Easter Tree

Photo and project via rhythmsofplay


Paper Swedish Easter Tree

Photo and project via thehousethatlarsbuilt


Jelly Bean Easter Tree

Photo and project via craftysisters


String Eggs Easter Tree

Photo and project via newengland


Salt Dough Eggs Tree

Photo and project via designmom


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