7 Easter DIY Crafts to Decorate your Table, Walls and Home!

This article is a little less focused than the others. So I decided in this one to give you just a whole bunch of different crafts for you to play around with. From hanging eggs to candy jars, garlands, and even pinatas. In this article everyone will find something to like and do for Easter. […]


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5 DIY Easter Trees that Will Inspire and Delight You

I have to admit that until I started writing articles, I had no idea that Easter Trees existed. But when I did discover them, I was absolutely delighted. First of all because, of course, it reminded me of the Christmas Tree, a tradition which I love. And secondly, because the general design of an Easter […]


A Different Kind of Egg…Craft/Decoration/DIY/Project

In today’s article we are going to show you how some very talented people have used the egg in their crafts. And we have named the article accordingly. Because we can assure you that you haven’t seen this kind of crafts too often. And not because they aren’t good. Quite the opposite. They are brilliant […]