4 Tealight Candles DIYs for a warm and cozy home atmosphere

Tealight Candles are one of the most common and used types of candles from all over the world. They are small, cheap, and very practical. And I bet that most of you have used one of these at least once in your home. From making a wonderful, warm, and subtle light in your home, to keeping your cup of tea warm, or even making your home smell delicious by spreading the scent of aromatic oils. No matter the reason for which you have used them, they are always great to have around the house.

So, we thought that we’d come up with 4 wonderful DIYs involving these tealight candles. All of these are cheap, fast, and easy to make. Not to mention that they all end up in wonderful decorations for your home. You can even try these out with your kids for a fun home project which they will love to be a part of. But make sure you don’t light them up until you’ve finished!


Project and photo via oleanderandpalm


Photo and project via wonderfuldiy


Project and photo via diylouisville


Photo and project via instructables


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