5 Steps to Make a Cute Feather Christmas Tree

Don’t make that classic Christmas tree everyone is making every Christmas. Make something special this year with this cute feather Christmas tree. This tree will give your home a new look, and you will have an original Christmas tree.
Gather the following materials and supplies: cardboard, cork (champagne or wine), colorful plastic beads to decorate the tree, glue, and feathers, of course. Try not to use feathers from an old pillow, buy some from the craft store. Follow the steps bellow and you will have in no time a beautiful feather Christmas tree:

Step 1 – When you buy the feathers, try to pick all of them in the same size. Take the cardboard and bent it into a cone shape.

Step 2 – Take the colorful beads and using glue, apply them on the feathers.

Step 3 – Start gluing the feathers from the bottom of the cone shape cardboard and work your way, gently, to the top. DO NOT add a lot of glue on the feathers! To have a full tree, try not to leave any space between the feathers. Also, attempt to stick each feather approximately in the same position so that your DIY project will look a lot like an original Christmas tree.

Step 4 – Add stability to your Christmas tree using a cork (champagne or wine) like a Christmas tree tip. Also, you can use a long tube for stability.

Step 5 – Add some color or glitter on the feather tree using a spray can. Give these feather tree’s away as Christmas gifts to your friends and family. Happy Christmas!


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