6 Alternative Uses for Listerine You May Not Have Known Of!

I’m sure that, by this point, all of you have heard of Listerine in one way or another. And no matter if you use or not, you are all familiar with its main purpose and role. Being that of a simple mouthwash, which helps clear your mouth of germs. And for a good while there I was under the impression that that was its only purpose as well. But here comes the beauty of the internet and its wonderfully creative people. Because they have found some of the most interesting alternative uses for Listerine, some of which we are going to share with you in this article.


Photo by Mike Mozart via Flickr


We have to admit that, like some of you may be, we were a bit skeptical at first. But after reading a bit more and seeing the reasoning behind these, we got hooked. Unfortunately, we haven’t manage to test all of these alternative uses for ourselves. But the ones we did were actually impressive and we be sure to give the rest a try. So here are our favorite alternative uses for Listerine, in no particular order. And make sure you let us know which ones have you or would like to try. And if you do try them, let us know how they worked!

1. Soak your toothbrush in Listerine to get rid of all the germs

Not this first solution is not really that far fetched. I mean, we do use to clear the germs from inside our mouths. Why not use it on our toothbrushes as well? So simple and yet, we haven’t thought of doing this by ourselves.

2. Use Listerine as an alternative for deodorant

Now this solution is a very good backup plan. A good thing to know for when you run out of deodorant or just find yourself in an awkward situation. We can’t vouch for long term usage, but as a quick way to get out of an embarrassing situation, we’re all for it.

3. Apply Listerine on your hair in order to get rid of dandruff.

This solution involves a bit more of a commitment that others. Because even if you do choose to get rid of dandruff this way, it may take several treatments to do so. The good part is that you just have to soak your hair in the solution, let is sit for 15 to 20 minutes and then wash as you do normally. But if you don’t have that much of a problem with dandruff, this may seem just like one more extra thing to do.

4. Throw a paper towel soaked in Listerine in the trash to help get rid of bad smells

Now you may think that this just like throwing money down the toilet. Don’t worry we’ll get there as well. But actually, this is a really good and simple way to help keep your trash and the area around it smelling fresh all the time.

5. Pour it down the toilet to help clean and deodorize your bowl

Now this is what we were talking about. This may seem a bit too much, but remember that you don’t have to pour that much into the bowl. Just a little bit before flushing will make all the difference in terms of smells and germs.

6. Dab Listerine on bruises, scars, or even acne to calm, clean, and relieve pain from those areas

This one got to be really useful to us. It’s really good to know for when you have an accident at home and have no alternative pain relieving solution around. Just put a little bit of solution on a piece of cotton, hold it against your bruise and you will feel better in just a few moments. Of course, we suggest you get appropriate help for any injury asap. This is just a short term solution for small skin injuries.

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