12 balconies we would love to be working from right now

When it comes to working from home, it may not be as easy and pleasant as some people would think. In the beginning it may seem like the perfect and most comfortable environment to work from. But there’s more to it than that. Yes, don’t worry. This article is still about balconies. And we are getting to that. I am just giving a little background on the inspiration behind this article.

So, as I was saying, working from home is not all fun and games. It is literally no fun or no games (except on lazy days). You are in a fairly limited space environment, in which you are used to relaxing. And this is not good for when you have to work from it. Because there are times when your brain just doesn’t want to focus in a space where it is not used to focus. So you have to do all kind of tricks to fool yourself into thinking that your home is a work appropriate environment. And this includes finding not only the space to work but also the inspiration to do so.

Balconies are your home work’s best friend

And here I arrive to today’s article subject. Because balconies are not the normal or usual location in which you stay during your time at home. So why not transform them into the perfect environment in which to get a little work done? This way you can trick your brain into getting into a more work appropriate mood. Because you’re not technically in the house, you are outdoors, which is always refreshing, and you can transform it really easy into what you need.

A few pieces of furniture, a couple of plants, a small coffee table and you have yourself a whole new favorite room in (or out of) your home. And we believe to have found the perfect examples of gorgeously transformed balconies to get you inspired for yours. And we mentioned that yes, we would love to be working out of any one of these. But that doesn’t mean that we would mind just reading a good book, enjoying a hot cup of tea or just relaxing in the fresh air during an overwhelming day. Tell us what you would like to do in your newly decorated balcony!












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