DIY Two Colored Jar Candle Holder Using Spray Paint and String

Don’t have spare time for a long craft project but you feel like getting all crafty? No problem! The next DIY idea is probably the quickest DIY craft project ever! An quick, easy and cheap project that will satisfy your appetite for crafts without taking a lot from your time: DIY jar candle holder.

Prepare the following materials: one or two jars, string, a pair of scissors, two cans of spray paint (one black and one purple), two tea lights and colorful string. Also, don’t forget about a pair of gloves. I didn’t wear one and I got black paint all over my fingers.


Use string and tie a knot at the top of the jar. Wrap the string all around the jar from top to bottom and one side to another.




Take the purple spray paint and spray it on one side of the jar and the black spray paint on the other side. Don’t worry if the purple gets a little bit mixed with the black. It will look original. As I mentioned, don’t forget to wear a pair of gloves to protect your hands.



Let the paint dry for 10 minutes. After time up remove the string using the scissors.


Take the two colorful pieces of string and tie a knot at each.


Wrap the two color strings around the top of the jar. Place the tea lights inside and light away!




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