Make Your Neighbours Jealous with these 10 Brilliant Garden DIY’s

Do you have plenty space in the back yard or your garden?! Don’t have any idea how can you fill space and bring your garden in the best shape ever? No worry! We have some solutions for your problems. Make your garden one of a kind with these brilliant and creative DIYs. Improve the aspect of your garden with these awesome ideas and give it that ultimate appearance. I can assure you that your neighbours will be so jealous!

Make a Herb Wreath

Say “Good Bye” to those classic wreaths and “Hellow” to something totaly new. Some string, a pair of scissors and of course some herbs will turn into soemthing unique to decorate your garden.


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Build a Herb Spiral

Do you want a particular vertical garden in your back yard? Then build a herb spiral. It has a compact design meant to save space, and it can be made just by following some basic steps.


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Garden Stones from Broken Dishes

A set of broken dishes (don’t have to break them intentionally), a tray and some stone cement. You will have the most original garden stepping stones you’ve ever seen.


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Pallet Swing Bed

What to do with an old pallet? Turn it into an awesome and relaxing garden swing bed. It will help you relax while you are reading your favourite book or just taking a well-deserved nap.


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Butterfly Feeder

Bring a magic feeling to your garden and also allow your flowers to pollinate with the help of butterflies. Create your butterfly feeder using a plain plate or a jar and add to your garden a unique decoration that Mother Nature will adore for sure.


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Glow in the Dark Planter Pots

Your garden will look stunning no matter if it’s night or day with these glowing planter pots. You can paint the pots using glow-in-the-dark paint.


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Water Blob without Using Tape

Don’t have a pool? No problem! Don’t doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun. Make this leak proof water blob and this summer you will have a lot of fun even if you don’t have a pool.


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Campfire Swingset

Gather your family around the fire for a relaxing family night with this campfire swing. Not only you will seat very comfortable but you will have a lot of fun eating marshmallows cooked in the fire.


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Painted Patio Tiles

Give your patio a colorful look with this awesome DIY idea. Add a little bit of color to that boring tiles and the morning coffee will bring you a smile to your face every time you will serve it on your colorful patio.


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Optical Illusion Garden Mirror

If you have a small backyard or garden, then this idea is for you. Add the illusion of a bigger space with these awesome DIY project.


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