Bring Your Clothes Back to Life with these 10 Creative Ideas

Fashion is considered a big thing throughout the entire world. Many people today have discovered a lot of different styles that are continuously being picked by many celebrities and fashionistas. Fashion magazines cover many niches in the fashion industry hence the reason many people will continue buying fashion magazines every month. If you have an ugly clothing item, and you want to make something different from your clothes you’ve come to the right place. Discover the perfect DIY fashion project for you with the help of these creative ways to bring your boring clothes back to life. It is good to know that you won’t need a lot of time to bring these DIY ideas to an end.

Butterfly Twist-Back T-Shirt

A wide shirt, but not a very long one (preferably a sleeveless T-Shirt), scissors. Start by cutting out the pattern on the fabric that you want most. Cut off both the shoulder and side seams of the sleeveless shirt one side (you can cut all sides). Place the two parties together. Twist the shirt in a way that the right sides end up meet (the sides will meet all the way back around). Pin the two seams together. Sew the seams.


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“Kiss Me” Lip Sweatshirt

A simple sweatshirt, tulips sponge pouncer and tulip fabric paint. A lip stencil, wax paper, a piece of cardboard, a bit of hot pink glitter, some fabric glue, a knife for the lips, tape and a pair of scissors. Start by printing the “lip design” that you want to be on your sweatshirt and the dimension that you prefer. Using the knife cut the stencil. Remove the sweatshirt collar. Place the piece of cardboard inside the sweatshirt. This way you will protect the other side of the shirt from the paint. Use tape and fix the stencil on the shirt. Add color on top of the wax paper. Add paint also on the sponge pouncers. Apply paint on the shirt using the sponge pouncers. Add fabric glue on top of the paint and some glitter. This way you will give your sweatshirt a 3D effect. Let everything dry for 6 hours. Shake the shirt to remove the remaining glitter. Leave everything to dry well for 72 hours. Just wear it!!!


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Trendy Collar Using An Old Necktie

One necktie, pins (fashion pins), needle, sewing thread, iron-on velcro and little decorations: flowers, pearls or buttons.
Depending on how small or big you will want the tip of your new trendy collar to be pleat and after that pin your necktie. Now you have to custom fit the tie by putting it around the neck to see if it fits or not. Now iron and sew again. You must choose a thread that is matching the pattern or the color of your tie. Now you will have to sew the collar on the sewing machine. Don’t forget to iron-on the velcro on the back of the new collar. Decorate your trendy collar using pearls, flowers or buttons.


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Geometric Painted Jeans

Doilies in many sizes and patterns, a pair of jeans, paint brush or paint sponge, bright gold Lumiere fabric paint, tack Krylon spray adhesive, pins for attaching the template. Begin the process by spraying the doilies lightly. Use the adhesive spray on the already pressed down doilies. Overlap the doilies and stop either at three or four. Please note that there isn’t any wrong or right way to create your pattern. Cautiously, start dabbing paint in the doily’s negative spaces. Make sure that you do not end up overloading the paintbrush/paint sponge. Gently apply yet another coat of paint. Leave the project to dry for one to two hours. Peel back the doilies.


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Bow Back T-Shirt

Cut the back of the “old” T-Shirt. Make the bows using the textile pattern. You will need to cut a few broad pieces and some smaller ones to wrap the full pieces. After you have finished the bow you can start restyling your T-Shirt: use a sewing machine and start attaching the bows on the back side. Also don’t forget that using the back part of the T-Shirt you can cover the sides. And your restyled T-Shirt is finished!!!


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No-Sew Scarf Using An Old T-Shirt

Lay down the T-Shirt on your craft table. Using the marker, start by marking out the under sleeves. Use the pair of scissors and cut the sleeves. This process will help you prepare the base of the scarf. Cut out just about twenty centimeters fringes all throughout the fabric. Make sure that you cut out the places without any hem. Stretch every fringe in an aim of lengthening it. Join the edges by the twos and to finish them off tie good knots. You should now disengage the fringes that you have tied together and use knots to hold edges by two. Roll the uncut part of the t-shirt and wear your finished scarf!


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Laced Jeans

Cut the lace into two equal parts with the scissors. Using a tape measure, hold the lace around the bottom of the jeans to get the right measurements. Cut off any excess lace. Using the sewing kit, start sewing the lace on the lower part of the jeans (both sides). Sew the lace round the jeans edges. Use three to five pins to pin the lace three inches above the original stitches on the bottom of the jeans. The pins will hold the lace in place as you stitch around the jeans 2” above the original bottom stitches on the jeans. Do the same on the other bottom. Take out the pins, use a hot iron and a wet cloth to iron the lace into place.


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Diamond Cut Back T-Shirt

Measure the centre of the back of the T-Shirt. Start drawing a four sized diamond after the measurements you took. Curve out a V like a form right at the place where the sleeves and the neck meet. Measure an inch and create a parallel line to the V sides down to the sides and next on the outline of the diamond. Continue doing the same thing over and over around the diamond’s shape. The results will be magnificent! You can now rock your event/party in a T-shirt design that you made and one guaranteed to turn heads.


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No-Sew Crop Top

A white top (you can use a colourful one also) and a pair of scissors.
Follow the picture bellow: take your white, plain T-Shirt and with the help of the scissor, cut a part of the material from it. Now all you have to do is to make another vertical reduction (section) in front of the T-Shirt and you are good to go!


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Cute Lace Dress Top

A black corset and black lace, ribbon (very long), a sewing kit and a pair of scissors. Start by cutting the piece of lace so that you can male the neck model. Cut it as you like. Use the sewing kit and sew the piece of lace to the black corset. Make sure that when you will be all done, and you will look at the dress from the exterior you won’t notice that you added the lace. Now take the piece of ribbon and add it to the neck area using a safe pin or even threat. You can wear your brand news dress top with a tulle skirt or even with a black and elegant pair of pants.


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