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9 DIY Ideas for Reusing Metal Cans

Sometimes things that we use in our daily life should not be thrown away. Most of the time they can be reused. For example, metal cans. Take a look at a simple can and imagine how many useful things you can make from it. If you are out of ideas, we will definitely help you. […]


16 Porch Ideas that will have you craving for Summer

I have to start┬áby mentioning that, while writing this article, I imagined myself on not one but almost all of these porches. On a breezy Spring or Summer day, with an iced coffee next to me and the laptop in my lap. How about this for a perfect work environment? Well, thanks to the lovely […]



7 Ways to Enchant Your Used Tires

Besides feeling fulfilled by having your house and also big garden, you can always think about renewing the old. Like tires, for example. Loads of creative ideas are flowing through our lovely internet about how to make yourself a better living through your house and yard, but this one is more than special. Tires – […]


Bring Your Clothes Back to Life with these 10 Creative Ideas

Fashion is considered a big thing throughout the entire world. Many people today have discovered a lot of different styles that are continuously being picked by many celebrities and fashionistas. Fashion magazines cover many niches in the fashion industry hence the reason many people will continue buying fashion magazines every month. If you have an […]


Bring Color Into Your Home With These DIY “Flower Hair” Planters

It’s amazing, how many creative projects you can make using plastic bottles. Greenhouses, kids toys, flower planters, vases, even human size boats. So many creative possibilities that help us recycle plastic bottles. And because I mentioned flower planters, here’s another fun way to recycle plastic bottles: DIY “flower hair” planters. You can make this project […]