Brighten Up Your Home Making DIY Luminaries Using Water Balloons

What makes your home feel even cozier than the beautiful, warm glow of a candlelight! But some candles are quite expensive. With the help of a handful of affordable items, you can give life to these unique and awesome luminaries. These water balloon luminaries are fun and easy to make, and brings that unique touch to your table as a centrepiece, as gifts or just as candle holders around the home.

To get started on your fun DIY project, you will need: paraffin wax, balloons, a cookie sheet or baking paper, a pot and Led candles (tea light, votive).


Melting the paraffin wax: if you are planning to reuse the pot later on, don’t melt the wax in it. Try using a pot that will fit your water balloons without scraping the edges of the luminaries. The perfect melting temperature (for this DIY project) is 180 F. Try maintaining this temperature by melting the paraffin wax on a double boiler.

DSC_2767 copy

While the paraffin wax is melting, fill the party balloons using warm tepid water. Take the balloon and dip it into the melted wax. Be careful not to go above the water level. If you do that your balloon will pop and all the water will be on you. Try dipping the balloon in the paraffin wax fast otherwise you will have a beautiful drip line.


Hold the water balloon for a few seconds, lift it out of the wax and allow the excess wax to drip down on the baking paper. Take the ballot and dip it again and again in the wax allowing the wax to cool until the next dip. Repeat this process until you have the smooth and thickness you want.


After the last dip, place the water balloons on the baking paper allowing the base of the luminary to flat. This way you will get a flat bottom.




If the wax has cooled, take the water-wax balloon and hold it over the sink. Using a knife, carefully pop the balloon, leaving the water to drain all out. To smooth and level the top of the luminaries, take the cookie sheet and some baking paper and heat it on the stove. Take the luminaries by placing them top-down on the hot cookie sheet and allow the edges to level. I wanted my luminaries to be original, so I just used a sharp knife to cut the top of the luminaries. Take the Led candles (tea lights, votive) and place them inside your luminaries and place them in a dark area of your home.




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