Here’s What You Can Do with a Camera, a Few Lights and a Roomba

It makes you wonder sometimes how people come up with such creative and ingenious project ideas. Sometimes these are as complex and complicated as they can be. But sometimes these great ideas are right inside your home, waiting to be discovered and explored by someone. And we could say the same thing about today’s quirky and fun photography project that has taken the internet by storm. As we’ve mentioned in the title of the article, all you need in order to do this project in your home is a camera, a few lights in the color of your choice, a Roomba or any little robot helper that travels around your house, and a little patience. Of course, the last one is optional, because if your little robot does his job at night, then you can just sleep it off and it will be done by the time you wake up.

So all you need to to is put a few lights on top of your Roomba, set your camera on the long exposure setting and make sure you turn it on before your robot starts his tour of the house. It also helps if the camera is set in a dark room, so that it can clearly catch all the wonderful colors that will move along with your little robot. For a bit more fun and dazzle, you can choose lights that change colors and end up making a rainbow effect inside your house. And for some inspiration, here’s some of the best results of this wonderful project from some very talented and creative artists:


Photo by Joe Jungmann via Flickr


Photo by The Gnoll via Flickr


Photo by FJaviSal via Flickr


Photo by Andreas Dantz via Flickr


Photo by Chris Bartle via Flickr


Photo by Alexander Kachkaev via Flickr


Photo by IBRoomba via Flickr


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