Use Colored Crayons for these bright and beautiful projects!

Today we want to bring a little color and brightness into your homes. And we thought to do this with some simple and yet very creative art projects. The secret? Colored Crayons! If you have a small child or had one but they grew up, then you must have some colored crayons lying around the house. So, instead of throwing them out, why not repurpose them in a fun way?

If your children are still small but not into crayons anymore you can turn this into a lovely bonding activity. And they will just love the involvement and the excitement of a new project. Especially since they can get dirty and messy. Because isn’t that just what they like? But it will also be a wonderful opportunity to inspire their creativity. And if you give them freehand who knows what gorgeous projects they will end up with.

Or, if your children are all grown up, you can also make this a wonderful and creative memory from their childhood. And you can even make it a gift for them or just a long lasting memory for you. Either way, it will be a great and wonderful project that will brighten up your house and lighten up your heart every time you see it. Just pick your favorite and give it a go.


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Project and photo via artsycraftsymom


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