15 Unique Pictures that you don’t get to see everyday!

Sometimes I really get to believe that the Internet was made for us to get to see what we may not have been able to without it. From small and weird plants that you might not have seen to unique processes and even cross-sections of various objects. It may sound boring when I just enumerate them here as if nothing. But if you get into it and start looking at these amazing and unique pictures, you won’t be able to stop. I know I had a hard time stopping.

But let’s just focus on getting you into this. And I really believe that, with today’s collection of images, I can get you interested in the unique, the bizarre, and the internet. Of course, this will be only one side of it. I am not actually introducing the entire internet to you. But let’s begin with our small little tour. But I warn you! At the end of this article, you will want more, and more, and more.


Eyeball after Cornea Transplant

Photo by Methamphetamines via Imgur


Crossection of a Cactus

Photo by Scout6feetup via Reddit


Power Line Towers being installed

Photo by malgoya via Reddit


Blue Whale Blowhole

Photo by FrozenFoodGuy via Imgur


The crosssection of a CT Scanner

Photo by Adderall via Imgur


Modern Battleship with no water surrounding it

Photo via Reddit


A theater from behind the stage

Photo by kiaall via Reddit


Unpicked Artichokes turn into Flowers

Photo by Saladbars via Reddit


Tortoise Skeleton Crossection

Photo by CreepyPhotoshopper via Reddit


Traffic Control Room in Beijing

Photo by ThatsJustYourOpinionMan via Imgur


How a heated floor looks before it’s covered

Photo via robonrenovations


Raw Cinnamon Fresh Cut from the Tree

Photo by afnas via Reddit


Here’s what Tumbleweed looks like before it dries

Photo by doctor_recommended via Reddit


The inside of a bowling ball

Photo by elmielmosong via Reddit


Upsidedown Lilly Pad

Photo by Hotbreadsy via Reddit



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