A more modern style of pumpkin DIY

So you may have seen our previous article with DIY pumpkin ideas. If not then here it is: You will Fall in love with these Pumpkin DIYs. We really recommend you check it out. You will like it just as much, I promise. So why would we write another article with the same idea? We wouldn’t. And we haven’t really. But let me explain that a little bit better.

In the previous article we have shown you how you can make pumpkins out of all kinds of materials. But those ended up in the actual shape and look of a pumpkin, no matter of its color. This time, we are going in a totally different direction. Because almost none of these pumpkin diy projects will end up looking like a traditional pumpkin. But more of a reinterpreted version.

Same pumpkin, different diys

We could say that they end up looking a bit weird. But I’d like to call them modern. If you don’t want to fill your home with real pumpkins, or even with fake ones, then this might be a good change for you. A few short and sweet tutorials that have a modern take on a traditional decor item.

We would love to find out what you think. Too modern of a take? Or the perfect blend of modern and traditional? Which type of pumpkin diy will you fill your home with this fall? And if these are not your cup of tea, make sure to check out our other article! I’m sure you’ll find something you like one way or another. And, if not let us know. We’d love to get some research ideas from you for our future articles. Because we care about you, our readers. And we definitively care about what you want to read.


Photo and project via alittletipsy


Project and photo via averageinspired


Project and photo via domesticallyblissful


Photo via mypoppet


Photo and project via the36thavenue


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