8 Toilet Paper Roll DIYs you need to try right now

One of the most common household items which can be found literally in any home around the world is the toilet paper roll. And, as much as it is common, this is also a very overlooked object. So today we are here to show you how to put this seemingly useless object to good use.

From organizing to decor inside your home, or even a use with houseplants or outdoor animals. These small pieces of cardboard can be utilized in so many and beautiful ways. But we will only give away a few in this article. We have tried to combine as many different and various DIYs as possible. And we hope that any of you find something useful among them.

Recycle Toilet Paper Rolls through these awesome DIYs

And I, for one, am very excited for you to get and read this article. First of all, because I like any article in which I discover and write about DIYs. And, second of all, I always like articles that teach people to recycle.

And these are perfect and fun ways to do so:


Photo and project via diyinspired


Project and photo via happinessiscreating


Photo and project via gardentherapy


Project and photo via lilyshop


Photo and project via gogrowgo


Project and photo via suzycucumber


Photo and project via sewlicioushomedecor


Project and photo via thepinkdoormat


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