Home Office ideas to inspire you and your Home Decor

Living in a modern and technology-oriented world, I’ sure that many of you have some kind of improvised desk in your home. Whether it’s the dining table that seems way to big for your laptop; the coffee table that is way too small in so many ways; or even the kitchen counter where dinner should be made, not watched how it’s made.

But I’m not trying to be mean. I’m sure that many of you actually have a desk at home from where you do your work and sometimes play. Because we work more than we play, right? Yeah, *cough* that’s what I thought. But I’m sure that as much as you have organized and tried to make the space as efficient as possible, there’s still something missing. That was exactly what I was thinking about my personal home office as well. Actually, that’s where the inspiration for this article came from.

So I thought that we should all get inspired together with some examples and ideas from real professionals. And, for me, it really worked. I hope it does for you as well. Because trust me, these are just some of my favorites out of the many many many examples of home offices that I could have shown you. But who knows, we may be back sooner than you think with another article completing this list.

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