6 DIY Flower Vase Projects that You Can Do Right Now!

Offering flowers to a woman is considered to be one of the most simple, romantic, and beautiful gestures that a man can do. It doesn’t matter if it a birthday, holiday, special occasion or just an average and normal day. Offering a flower or a bouquet of flowers can really make a woman feel appreciated and special. And most of the times it can really make her day. So here we are, trying to contribute to that special day with a small part.

Today’s article featured 6 beautiful tutorials for flower vases. No matter on which side of this gesture you are on, the giving or the receiving, we are right there with you. You can offer these vases along with the flowers to make the gesture even more special. Or, if you’ve recently received a beautiful bouquet, you may want to put a special light on it by placing it in a beautiful vase. In both cases we hope you will take advantage and enjoy our little attempt to make your day better.


Textured Clay Vase

Photo and project via greenweddingshoes


Juice Jug Ombre Vase

Photo and project via cremedelacraft


Paint Swirl Vases


Photo and project via centsationalgirl


Lilliputian Dipped Vases

Photo and project via weddingbells


Rustic Rock Vase

Photo and project via fabyoubliss





Rubber Band Frosted DIY Vase

Photo and project via catchmyparty


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