Wedding Photography – 10 Mandatory Photos – Not to be Missed on Your Wedding Day

Every girl dreams about that perfect wedding day. All you wish is that the wedding day, that perfect day, the day that you’ve been dreaming at since you where five to ma flawless. We are bringing you those 10 mandatory photos that you will not want to miss so that your wedding day to be PERFECT.

1. Photos that describe the story of the wedding day: details of the bride and groom, the agitation around them, that perfect look in the bride’s eyes whem she is admiring her beautiful dressThe few photos that describe the story of the morning of the event and the details that the bride, too excited or in her dream world, cannot see: the agitation around her, the emotions of the parents, the silence of everyone invited until they see the bride.

2.Family portraits. Most of the times, a classic portrait picture with 4 or 6 of them, for parents can be the most important. And surely one of the photos after the wedding will contain this portraits.

3.Portraits of youth.


4. Bride and groom portraits. These portraits are sincere, and the trusting relationship between the couple and the photographer is very important.

5. You two together – bride & groom

6. Church moments. Here you will have perfect memories with the moments when you become ONE.

7.The place where the fairy-tail begins.

8. Your first dance together.

9.Something sweet

10. Something old, something blue, something borrow, something new…

And let’s not forget about those black & white photos….

Photo credit: Andrei Petre (CAPS Events)

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