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6 alternative uses for Listerine you may not have known of!

I’m sure that, by this point, all of you have heard of Listerine in one way or another. And no matter if you use or not, you are all familiar with its main purpose and role. Being that of a simple mouthwash, which helps clear your mouth of germs. And for a good while there […]



12 balconies we would love to be working from right now

When it comes to working from home, it may not be as easy and pleasant as some people would think. In the beginning it may seem like the perfect and most comfortable environment to work from. But there’s more to it than that. Yes, don’t worry. This article is still about balconies. And we are […]


Have any fabric scraps lying around? Here’s 8 things to do with them!

Fabric Scraps…we all have them around our homes at one time or another. Maybe less now due to the fact that sewing, stitching, or re-purposing clothing items is not so popular anymore. But for those of you who still have any of the above mentioned hobbies, fabric scraps should not be uncommon. So we may […]


Small and Cheap Home Improvements with a Big Impact

When it comes to home improvements, people usually associate them with big budgets, giant projects, and lots of wasted time. But in today’s article we are going to prove them wrong in 5 little projects. Just count to 5 and you will discover that home improvements can be done cheap, fast, and easy. And you […]


10 mason jar projects for you and your home

If you ever thought that mason jars were only good kept in closed cupboards and filled with different ingredients, then you are about to be proved wrong. Because in today’s article we are going to show you 10 unique projects that you can use a mason jar for. So go in the kitchen right now. […]