Did You Know You Can Make a Lampshade Out of These Materials?

Well, some of these are actually believable. But there are some tutorials on today’s list that will leave you speechless. Hopefully, that’s all they will take from you. And, in exchange, you will receive a good amount of inspiration and astonishment. Because this is what I wanted you to take from today’s article. A little more than the regular dose of inspiration and awe. I wanted today to share with you something a little more weird and quirky, but in a good way.

And as soon as you move on and actually check out the projects, you will see what I mean. These are maybe not normal lampshades that you would look at in a store. Or in some cases even think of buying. But they will get your attention and make you stare at them before a bit before moving on. And if you decide to follow any of these tutorials, the end result will be even more special. Because it will come out of your hands. And also because these pieces that you may not give a second glance in a store will be made especially for you and your home.


Floral print material lampshade

Photo and project via honestlywtf


Metal vintage silverware lampshade

Photo and project via fourcornersdesign


Scrappy broken down strips of fabric knoted lampshade

Photo and project via pursewna-pursewna


Bohemian style beaded lamp shade

Photo and project via cathiefilian


Glued twigs lampshade

Photo and project via theshabbycreekcottage


Pottery Barn inspired silk flowers lampshade

Photo and project via jenniferciani


Glued felt lampshade

Photo and project via swingncocoa


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